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Dance Classes

Eugenia’s Dance Studio offers fun and engaging classes to children of all ages! Here’s a variety of our offerings that start with Pre-School age and then branch out to tailored classes for dancers of different levels or specific interests.

Committed dancers can also participate in competition and audition for the Express Dance Company.

Please read our COVID-19 Fall Class Plan. 

Mommy & Me Dance Class - Eugenia's Dance Studio West Seneca NY

Children 18 months – 2 years can take our Mommy & Me Dance classes with a guardian. Children and their guardian love the Dancing School Kids™ curriculum with its happy songs and fun filled dances that help children learn basic concepts such as right & left, counting music, matching the teacher, and also helps them develop their creativity in spontaneous dances of their own.Guardians dance with their dancer during class and also on stage at the Christmas Show and Recital!

Eugenia's Dance Studio Dance Memories 2019

Children 3 years of age and up can take our PRE-SCHOOL Dance classes! Children and their parents love the Dancing School Kids™ curriculum with its happy songs and fun filled dances that help children learn basic concepts such as right & left, counting music, matching the teacher, and also helps them develop their creativity in spontaneous dances of their own.

Pre-School Classes at Eugenia’s Dance Studio provide an excellent foundation for learning tap, ballet, jazz, musical theater and also contribute to reading readiness and success in school. Eugenia Smith created the songs and dances which are used by all our faculty members in their pre-school classes. She also taught her curriculum to teachers at national dance conventions and workshops across the country, sharing the joy of dancing to age appropriate music that makes learning fun!

In the Jungle

Dancing classes are an important part of a child’s life in their early years – promoting confidence which is often reflected in school and personal activities.

Our classes are ideal for 5-8 YEAR OLD CHILDREN who have never danced before and 5-6 year old children with previous pre-school dance experience.

More difficult dance steps and dance concepts in the Dancing School Kids™ curriculum are taught along with new dance combinations performed to a variety of music styles.


Jazz Dance Class - Eugenia's Dance Studio West Seneca NY

Commercial and theatrical JAZZ styles are taught with elements of hip hop to 7 yr. olds to teens and adults. Dancers are taught leaps, kicks, turns and also taught to learn combinations quickly, perform them with confidence and showmanship, giving students the winning edge at auditions. Because of this training many Eugenia’s Dance Studio students win scholarships at regional and national conventions. They excel in school musicals and in college dance departments.

Shake it Off

BALLET is the foundation of all good technique for all forms of dance. Ballet stresses proper placement of the body, developing stretch and strength and good balance. Dancers learn to jump, leap and turn well. The elegance makes ballet appealing to many students. All competition dancers must take ballet.

Eugenia's Dance Studio, West Seneca, NY

TAP classes at Eugenia’s Dance Studio teach students to listen to, remember and learn rhythm. Tap students are excellent at keeping time with music which also helps them in other forms of dance. Interesting, fun filled learning methods are used. Dancers learn standard time steps and theatrical tap plus modern rhythm tap styles. Tap games are sometimes played to help students copy each others rhythms and create rhythmic combinations of their own. This is fun at every level and encourage improvement of technique and creativity.

Lyrical Dance Class - Eugenia's Dance Studio West Seneca NY

Based on a combination of jazz and ballet, LYRICAL dance expresses emotions, creates a mood and expresses lyrics of a song. Students who take ballet and jazz are considered for lyrical class.

Polish Folk Dancing - Eugenia's Dance Studio West Seneca NY

Children 5 yrs. old & up

Enjoy the happy dances of POLISH FOLK DANCING and learning about another culture. Dances are easy to learn, even for the youngest dancers with the help of older children in the class. Students dance with different partners, in a variety of formations and learn to adapt to each performing situation making them versatile performers comfortable on any kind of stage. Dancers perform at the Polish-American Festival, school events at Bison Baseball Polish Night, Easter Events and fun filled summer festivals. The Krakowiacy Polish Dancers, under the direction of Eugenia Smith, have a rich history of performance, including performing at two International Festivals in Poland!

Hip Hop Dance Class - - Eugenia's Dance Studio West Seneca NY

Children 5 years and up.

Children love Hip Hop because it is a high energy class that combines elements of Jazz with Street Dance and Break Dancing. Students are encouraged to step outside the box and put their own creativity and personality into the class!

Musical Theatre - Eugenia's Dance Studio West Seneca NY

Children 8 years and up.

Children love Musical Theater because it is filled with Broadway music and style dancing. It focuses on personality and connecting with the audience.

Acro Dance Class - - Eugenia's Dance Studio West Seneca NY

Tiny Tumblers 

Children 4-7 years old 

Children love Tiny Tumblers because it is an introduction to stretch and tumbling. They are learning the core steps of Tumbling and Acro while working on their stretch and flexibility.


Children 6 years and up.

Children love Acro because it combines both dance and tumbling. Dancers focus on stretch and strength along with learning acrobatics.

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"As a child I grew up dancing at Eugenia's Dance Studio! A wonderful place with many cherished memories that will never be forgotten. Much peace and love."

Julia Krysa

"All my kids have grown up at this studio. It's their second home. It is the best environment and has the absolute best teachers and staff!!"

Amy Caldwell

"Eugenia’s Dance Studio is such a lovely place for a dancer to grow. We have been there coming up on three years now. My 5 year old loves the classes she is in and can’t wait to be able to take more. The teachers there are outstanding. Everyone is kind and friendly, dance moms included! My daughter loves it there. She has so many “big girls” that she looks up to. I look forward to all of the memories that are created there."

Kathy Keller D'Ostroph

"Our third year of dance is about to start and I couldn't be more excited! My daughter's dance class has helped her improve her balance and coordination. She's made so many friends and gained confidence learning the routines. Her teachers are very age appropriate with their support and encourage her to keep trying/practicing. I can't wait to watch her improve each year and unlock her full potential!"

Amy Lynn Angelli

"I started at eugenia's when I was younger and 2yrs ago started my daughter in mommy and me. this past year she was in tots combo and a daddy and me dance which is absolutely adorable! my 3.5yr old loves to go to dance and has been asking when she gets to go back all summer!"

Amanda Heft Schlegel

"Eugenia’s has been my second home for 15 years! I’m graduated and am still welcomed back! All of the teachers and assistants have helped me become the successful and smart not only dancer but young woman I am today. E4E <3"

Jessica Mann

"I grew up dancing at this studio and what an amazing studio it is! It was like a 2nd home/family to me!!"

Brigid Moore Sengbusch

"The family atmosphere. The love of the dancers from the teachers."

Lisa Kurzdorfer Gangloff

"My daughter danced at Eugenia's Dance Studio since Kindergarten. She developed beautiful dance skills that she currently uses on her college dance team. More importantly, it helped her build lifelong friendships, a strong work ethic and the understanding of being part of a team. Kindness and family were always a priority at Eugenia's. While the dances were always impressive, the acceptance and respect for each person who attends this studio was always the standard and what we experienced. We regularly miss our studio! E4E!!!"

Ann Bondanza Chojnacki

"Excellent Studio. It made my Daughter Emily who she is today. She now teaches in Lake Placid, choreographs High School musicals and is working on expanding her dance career. All because Eugenia's treats everyone like family and invests in all of their dancers. E4E!"

Lisa Wesoloski Brown

"My daughter is a third generation student with Eugenia’s and it has a wonderful family type atmosphere. We love it and are happy to be a part of it!"

Angel Zogaria